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How old do you need to be to bet online?

Betting Age Restrictions

One of the most discussed topics in the gambling world is the one about age restriction with some people not knowing that such a thing as age restriction exists. We should mention that this article contains information about the laws in Nigeria which means that if you live outside it then it’s very likely that there are different rules regarding the allowed minimum gambling age and you should check them out.

First, you need to know that in order to make bets in the Nigeria one must be at least 18 years old (this doesn’t apply to the National Lottery). So if you’re less than 18, not only can’t you receive your winnings from the bookmaker, but it’s illegal for you to even place a bet. Some visitors ask us: “Are my winnings subjected to taxes?”

What are the current rules and regulations?

The Betting and Gaming Act contains gambling regulations and has been around since 1960, but was recently updated in 2005 when the Gambling Act, which now regulates all gambling related activity in the Nigeria, was introduced. One of the main goals of this Gambling Act is protecting children and people who are susceptible to gambling addiction.

Why should you be at least 18 if you want to gamble?

The age when you stop being considered as a minor in Nigeria is 18 and this means that you are no longer a child. When you are below this age, the government thinks that you haven’t matured enough to know the risks hidden in gambling. That’s why they won’t allow people to gamble until they are old enough to realize that this activity can lead to both wins and losses.

We are not saying that this is correct because sometimes a 17-year-old is more mature than someone who has turned 18, but there still needs to be some kind of a limit and it’s considered to be at 18 years of age.

How can a betting website find out if I’m old enough to gamble?

The first thing that you do when you try to create a new account at a bookmaker(view our list) is to confirm that you’re over 18 and even though it may not seem like a big deal, this relieves them from responsibility in case you lie about your age.

However, they go even further by researching you thanks to the information that you gave them and if they are unable to find anything, your account will be restricted until you prove that you are older than 18 by identifying yourself is some way (for example showing them a copy of your ID).